Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Intro

Welcome to our blog! We're going to get this thing kicking so that our families and friends can keep up with us as we travel for the next 12-18 months. 

We've been planning this epic adventure for over a year.  Really, we've been discussing it since we met... but it has all materialized in the last year.  There are still a lot of details left up in the air and that is part of the design.

The last year has been a pretty incredible adventure in and of itself. We got married, Trav got a new job, I went to Nepal, we honeymooned in Belize, and now we're packing up (what belongings we didn't sell) to head off into the sunset. 

In October we're off to South America, the first destination of our 3 blocks of adventure.  We're focusing our travels on Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.  We're hoping to experience it all.   Coast and mountains. Farms and cities. We're interested in knowing places, not just passing through them.  Queremos aprender espaƱol. 

Once our travels south of the Equator are over, we will start prepping for the Pacific Crest Trail.  The 2660 mile national scenic trail runs from Mexico to Canada (through CA, OR, and WA).  Thru Hiking (a moniker given to 'the hearty souls who attempt to hike an entire long-distance trail in one season') is a goal I set for myself years ago. Among other reasons, I knew Trav was for me when his eyes lit up at the idea. So off we go...

On the back end of the trail, we're planning a journey to Nepal and Southeast Asia. As of now, this segment of our trip is the least defined but we figure we have 6 months of walking and talking on the PCT to plan it out. 

So that's the basics. The scoop. The dirt. I'm sure there will be much more dirt in the future...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scrub, Shine & Soul

Turn up the Sam Cooke and bust out the Windex. We're moving out of our place tomorrow and it's sad and overwhelming and freeing and fun.