Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adventures On and Off O St

Laughing until your sides hurt is never a bad thing. Especially with your oldest friend on the planet. Blair and I have been uncontrollably giggling since 2nd grade. Our poor third grade teacher had to put a moratorium on the 'Mang Face'... a ridiculous inside joke that ran rampant through our class. Anyway, here we are decades later with our cute husbands who get along famously.  Blair and Jeff (whom I've been swapping sarcastic jabs with since 9th grade) live in DC and were the perfect place to kick off our East Coast tour.  They are expecting their first baby, a girl, in November.  I'm sure little Helga (her nickname in vitro) and I have decades of giggling ahead of us as well. 

We love DC. We had a few days of rain which allowed us to sleep late and see an IMAX and a movie. My good OB friend Gabe joined us for the IMAX before striking off on her own adventure/relocation to Wyoming. We also partook in a Jeff-guided tour of the monuments at night.  The most striking was the new MLK memorial.  Inspiring is an understatement. 

T shocking Gabe with stories of White Sharks

Awkward pregnant prom pose

"Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope..."

My career mantra


  1. LOVE this post mags! your words at the beginning made me tear up! i love our history and i love you and trav! xoxo

  2. a most phallic backdrop for the awkward pregnant prom pose. bravo!


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