Friday, September 30, 2011


Can you handle this face?

I know I couldn't.  Calliope is Rach and Nath's 10 week old lab/boxer pup that they rescued three weeks ago.  She is such a good puppy and might be the most quintessentially cute pup ever. Despite my third-grader approach to making her love me (holding her, squeezing her and singing her songs) she took to Trav like a bee to honey.  She would melt into his arms, sweet and loving, and as soon as I entered the picture, BAM, I'm a human chew toy.  

Scarf tug-o-war

Camera strap chew toy

Rachel and Nathan are diligent about raising a well behaved dog and they are doing a great job. One of the books they're reading referred to a puppy this age as a 'mouth on four legs' and I'd have to agree. But the cuteness outweighs the flesh-wounds 100%. 

Little puppy, big world

Nap time

I mean, really!?


  1. Come back, by the way! She has 'discovered' that dog beds are actually for sleeping on (not chewing) and now busily munches her keys (blue key, especially) while resting on the throne that you helped pick out!

  2. I haven't met Calli but she was TOTALLY in my dream last night. And, no, I can't handle that face. Or yours. Or Rachie's. zo


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