Monday, September 12, 2011

Counting The Cars On The New Jersey Turnpike

Since we got on the plane in SF I've had Simon and Garfunkel's America in my head. Yesterday it was even more resounding as we took a bus from DC to NY. This city is tough and resilient. The people are tough and resilient.  People walked around, life as usual. Talking with friends and family, off to work or the store.  Exuding resilience.

We spent the evening in Brooklyn enjoying Thai with Julia, Rachel and Hannah.  We stayed up way too late (it was a school night after all) catching up.  Now we're wandering (somewhat aimlessly and definitely sweaty) around Manhattan. Our day included three perfect breaks. The first, a super sweet break to enjoy a cupcake in honor of baby Filip Trifunovic who was born this morning.  Jelena and Aleks, I am so dang proud of you and I'm so thrilled to be a tetka. Our next break was the NY Public Library; its air conditioning, internet access and breathtaking ceiling were a welcome respite. Finally, we sat a spell at Thè Amorè for lunch. A recommendation from foodie R.Silver never disappoints. Super tart lemonade, fresh mozzarella on a fresh baguette and an iced coffee were perfect.  Did I mention the apple cider vinaigrette? Perfection. So, we're off to East Hampton tonight with Morgan and Maria the Songbird... these two Darrells (JPL speak for derelict) are a guaranteed good time.


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  1. i got a shout-out! and i think i finally figured out how to comment. woot! next time, nyc together, i hope. xoxo


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