Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Take Another Walk, East Hampton Part 1

After a few days of hectic travel on buses and through cities, we ventured out to East Hampton to take a deep breath.  East Hampton is a place where magic happens.  Sure, this is the place where American Abstract Expressionism took flight and PDiddy comes to vacation, but for us, it's the place where our good friend Morgan (the elusive Moman) was born and raised.  We spent our days in Amagansett and Montauk visiting farm stands, cooking big dinners, building fires, taking pictures, doing yoga and body surfing in the Atlantic.  Many thanks to Momom, Emily, for opening her doors to us.   Moman was an excellent tour guide, with interesting tidbits only a true Bonacker can provide. Our days were extra perky with the presence of the Songbird, who kept a constant soundtrack running.  I've been more than a little snap happy with our new camera, so there will be many more pictures coming your way.  Photos don't really do this place justice. It's no wonder Jackson Pollock and the like found so much inspiration here.  It's where the country meets the ocean.  Crickets and cicadas fill the night with sound and the salty air and stars do something for the soul. 

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