Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mad About Madison

I have two words for you: cheese and puppy.

That about sums up our outstanding trip to Madison, WI. And to be quite fair, the glorious-ness didn't end there.  Add in a best friend, a bike ride, and cozy home cooking and I'm in heaven.  It was so wonderful to visit Rachel and Nathan and to spend time with their brand new puppy Calliope.  We reveled in the fresh, crisp, cold air that has recently rolled in for fall. I'm not going to lie, I didn't really know what to expect from Wisconsin, but Madison was a real treat. The people are insanely nice (hello, Midwest), the vibe is kinda funky (hello, college town) and the scenery is picturesque (hello, lakes).  Saturday morning we went to one of the largest farmers markets I've ever seen and Travis shopped for ingredients for a home cooked dinner.  Rachel bought insanely pretty flowers to decorate their already adorable apartment and we made about 156 new friends... well actually, Calli made 156 new friends and we were just the sweet humans with her.  People go bonkers for this dog... and I don't blame them (she will be getting her own blog post later).

Our weekend revolved around food which is fine by me!  We had delicious dinners out, making sure to order a cheese plate at every location. We also had some amazing food in, including fresh baked bread by Nathan. 

And yes, our meals in also included a cheese plate. You can see it smack in the center of our spread here.  

In between cheese courses, we did get outside for some activity.  We took Calli on long walks and on Sunday rented bikes and rode through the trails around town.  Since moving to Madison, Rachel has expressed just how bike-centric this town is but we didn't really understand until we got there. And that says a lot coming from a couple from San Francisco.  Everyone is on bikes, and the whole city is connected by bike trails. Pretty impressive. 

We wrapped up our visit with a great dinner out which included, you guessed it, more cheese and beer. Travis and Rachel actually got beer samplers which were appropriately served on Wisconsin shaped boards.   I was in heaven with my mac and cheese.

Thank Rach, Nath, and Calli for such a cozy weekend! We're looking forward to visiting y'all in Madtown again sometime! 


  1. i die again. i didn't even realize this was here for a bit I was so smitten with the Calli post. CHEESEbeard! miss you guys and sending lots of love.

  2. cute post friends! so glad yall had a ball together! xoxo

  3. Y'all on those bikes is killing me!!!


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