Sunday, September 25, 2011

Turning Roots

Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons. It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth. Walt Whitman

While in the Philadelphia area, we had the pleasure of stopping by the Turning Roots Farm, run by my OB friends Chris and TJ.  This dynamic duo cruises through the world smacking people with love, enthusiasm and humor, a force that they've brought right to the earth.  In 2008 they bought a farm with dreams of connecting people to their food and their farmers. And here they are, a mere 3 years later, running a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) providing folks with eggs, veggies and honey. We visited on harvest day, got a tour of their Lundale farm, and snacked on kale right off the stalk.  They sent us packing with bags of delicious greens, a purple pepper (say that three times fast) and cherry tomatoes.  We made mind-blowing salads for days.  It's hard to explain how food tastes better when you know where it comes from.  When you know the hands that pulled it out of the ground.  I am so proud of them for what they have accomplished at the farm.  They are working their asses off, most hours of the day and most days of the week.  Their hands are dirty, their hearts are full and their smiles are contagious

Farmer Friends: Chris and TJ

Wouldn't you love to eat food these two grew?! What fall veggies are you most looking forward to??


  1. puree soups! (not a fall veggie, but made from them!)

  2. couldn't agree more; there is something so special in growing your own food, or at least getting it right from the source! knowing that People provide, not machines!


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