Monday, October 3, 2011

Back To The Bay

After nearly three weeks of East Coast/Midwestern adventures, we jetted back to San Francisco.  Before touching down, I had a sort of sad and displaced feeling.  It's really the first time I had felt it since we'd made our plans, but flying back into our city made it feel really real. We were visitors in our own city.  It was even more jolting when I looked at Trav on the plane and he said 'I kinda wish we were just going home right now'.  The feeling was resonating with both of us.  I pressed the bruise the next day by driving by our old apartment... but the flare of adventure came back with a rush as we enjoyed a few days of incredible weather in what will still be our city.  Even if we didn't have our house to go home to, we had the home of very dear friends. Susie and Brian opened their door (and futon) to us and we were pleased as punch.  We celebrated a hot (late) summer night in Dolores Park with a picnic feast. Susie, in true Conley style, can throw a four person party in a flash.  

Dolores Park in all it's glory


Picnic: Ravioli, Sausage, Wine, Brussel Spouts, Salad, Ice Cream
We were also lucky to collect a handful of friends on short notice for some drinks in the neighborhood.

Awkward bar shot of cute friends
Come Thursday, it was time to head South for the main event: Jamie and Matt's wedding.  I was having too much fun to take any pictures of my own, but as soon as I have access to someone else's, the wedding will get it's own post.  But for now, feel the love:

The beautiful couple

After the festivities were over we headed right for the coast to stay with Matty and Vanessa in La Selva Beach (near Santa Cruz).  These two (newly engaged) gems live in a tiny cottage in the Redwoods that is damn near storybook.  We took a nice walk, had a glorious dinner outside in the garden, and chatted under clear, silent skies.  

Tiny kitchen cooking with friends

We departed from the Vanessa and Matty's nook this morning and kicked off our road trip South.  We'll be taking our sweet time getting to Los Angeles, winding, oohing and ahhing all they way down Highway 1. Tonight we are perched in Big Sur, at one of our favorite places on the planet, Treebones

Sweet, iconic Big Sur waterfall

If you'd like a visual of exactly what our lives look like at this very moment, you're in luck! Exhibit A: Our Subaru, packed to the gills and carrying two bikes, three surfboards and one snowboard on top. Exhibit B:  Our campsite for tonight at Treebones.  Think dry thoughts, it's already been raining for 3 hours.  But no stress, Treebones has waffles and coffee morning. It's glamping (glam camping) at it's best!

Sub love.

Spaceship shaped 2 person tent with ocean view


  1. Obviously, Susie is the cutest ever (Sus--you reading this?) and Jamie's wedding photo is stunning, stunning. Can't wait to hear about it. Love the Sub pic and LOVE that striped sweater. Next hand-me-down? :)

  2. Been dreaming up a trip to Tree Bones...p.s. so bummed I missed you in SF! Luckily, we had our pizza party a few weeks ago. You, me, Trav. Miss you two...xoxo


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