Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bearded Gull

We've made it to Texas and we're finalizing the process of storing our belongings for the next year and a half. Today, I'll remove the wax off my surfboards and store them until early 2013. The wax on these boards has been built up over time, right before paddling out at some of the best surf spots California has to offer. During our journey from SF to LA the Pacific Ocean produced some super fun peelers up and down the California Coast. I'm so pumped I was there and had the chance to surf everyday from Santa Cruz to San Onofre.

Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz

Big and Empty, Big Sur

Malibu Perfection, North LA

San Onofre, South OC

San Onofre

San Onofre, Final sunset in CA

Even though my boards will be relaxing in Texas as future swells comb the California coast, I am hopeful for some quality water time in South America. I almost can't believe my next paddle out will be in Ecuador! Much more to come...................

It's good here too! South America

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  1. Yeeeewww! Stoked for you. Hope to see some more pics of good surf. Have fun! Ash-


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