Sunday, October 16, 2011

Group Grolle

ELATION, noun: feeling or state of great joy or pride; exultant gladness; high spirits.

If I had to define Matt and Jamie's October 1 wedding in one word, that would be it. Elation. Pure, uninhibited, Party Rocking elation.

I am so honored that I got to be a part of this day. It is such a thrill to watch one of your best friends in the world marry her perfect partner.  These two are quite a pair. They are hilarious and fun, smart, kind and thoughtful. They love their friends, families, kitties and each other with huge hearts.  Their wedding weekend was steeped in, that's right, elation. High spirits. Joy. Gladness. From the mashed potato bar to the Robot Head.  From touching speeches to interpretative dances, beautiful details and genius people. It was a grand slam.


Vest Friends


And such attractive friends!

LOVE.  This photo made me cry while posting. Twice.

Very happy bridesmaid and usher. We love y'all!

As you can see, no one had any fun. 

Matt and Jamie Grolle, we are so happy for you. Over the moon even.  Can you marry each other again sometime so we can have that much fun again? XO

All photos by the incredibly talented Ken Kienow.


  1. looks sooo very lovely! congrats congrats mr. and mrs. grolle! sending hugs from dc! xoxox

  2. beautiful blog post :) love it mags! you guys are so wonderful and we were *elated* to have you standing up there with us. xoxo

  3. OMG what a beautiful wedding! and yes, no fun AT ALL! xo

  4. beautiful! congrats jamie and matt!


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