Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heart Worn Highway

There is something so exhilarating about a road trip. Sure, your butt goes to sleep after 4 hours and your hair always looks greasy (why is that?). Regardless, a road trip is just so freeing. So classic. So idyllic.  And our road trip from LA to Houston was no exception. The scenery was stunning.  Vast and wild.  The company was pretty stellar as well.  This 1820 mile journey took us through Vegas, Santa Fe and Denton.

Just three days after returning from their Cabo honeymoon, the Grolle's opened their doors as our first stop.  When we pulled up, we could smell Jamie's pesto spinach lasagna from the street.  We drank wine, chatted, laughed, looked at pictures and gushed about their epic wedding.  When Matt got home at 6:30am we had waffles, coffee, and more laughs.  Everyone should be lucky enough to have a pair of friends like Jamie and Matt. Needless to say, we were sad to leave Warm Walnut street.

Wonderful hosts, Olive and Biscuit 

Warm Walns!

The trip from Vegas to Santa Fe was long and pulling into Laurie and Jot's driveway we knew we were in for a peaceful and cozy visit.  Which was just what we needed.  Laurie is Rachel's mom (yes, this Rachel) and has extended warmth and care to me since I was 14. Trav, Laurie, Jot and I sat for a while and chatted about travels of all kinds. Their generosity was amazing.  We had an incredible night sleep at the Eldorado Hotel.

Spending time with Camille and John is always a adventure.  An adventure in art, music and yes, potato cannons. I have idolized my cousin Cami since I was about 4. She's pretty much the coolest. And she's found a perfect partner in John.  These two are always inspired, creative and livin' life. It was only fitting that after a tacos, baseball and some beers, John fired up the potato cannon.  The sky was cool and cloudy and the spuds soared through the air.  The next day we toured around Denton, a funky little town with good people, food, art and music.  We are definitely looking forward to the next time we get to hang with the Greens. And to shooting the cannon again.


Spuds away!

Loading the cannon

Cute family portrait (don't mind that giant Yucca)

In this long post, some key thoughts:
It has not escaped us just how incredibly lucky we are to have the people in our lives that we do.  We are so full of gratitude. For the last 6 weeks, we have slept in 14 different homes.  Our friends and family have taken us in, shown us kindness and support. They've fed us, entertained us, lent us cars and baked us treats. Now that we are in Houston for a spell and have the time to reflect on this fact, we are overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with love and good vibes. With generosity, humor and closeness. Thanks y'all. We promise we will pay it forward. When we have a house, you're all welcome to stay anytime.  

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  1. Sooooo happy you two stopped off in Denton! Love the blog and LOVE you both!


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