Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life At The Moment

We've been in Houston since Thursday running errands, making phone calls, hanging with family and friends, and running more errands.  We've closed bank accounts, canceled a cell phone number, and reorganized our stuff (again) for storage.  It's been very logistically heavy and it's going by pretty dang quick. It's kinda hilarious to explain to the sweet woman at Verizon that we don't really have an address, that we don't need two cell phones and that we want to suspend the one we do keep.  We've made piles of gear and clothing, evaluated them, split them in half, reevaluated and split them again. Here's just some of the madness:

South America piles, pre splitting

Other bits and pieces, back in to boxes

PCT gear awaiting its Spring adventure

We fly to Quito Thursday evening. We're nervous and really excited. I wouldn't say we're unprepared, but I also wouldn't say we're 100% ready.  If we're at all behind in our preparations, I blame this face:

This is Abbey. She is my parent's bulldog.  She's quite possibly the most hilarious animal on the planet and a pretty fun distraction. 

Anywho, it's the final countdown folks. Got any advice for these two travelers? Any gear/clothing you can't travel without? 

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  1. This post works for me on a NUMBER of levels. (1) the project room; (2) you KNOW how i feel about free-trip organization; (3) the shoes!!!!; (4) Abbey, goes without saying; (5) the label choice of "packing" and "repacking". So excited for you....Can't wait to talk pre departure!


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