Saturday, October 22, 2011

Out Of The New, Into The Old (Town)

We had a pretty wonderful day walking around Quito.  We walked (about 3 miles) to 'Old Town' which is very different from where we are in 'New Town'. The cobblestone streets are narrow and busy.  There are beautiful, historic churches and plazas (think 1530's) every few blocks. We had lunch at Plaza San Francisco (go figure). But there were no hipsters or hippies here.  The square was mostly tourists, kids offering to shine our running shoes and older Ecuadorian ladies in Fedoras and knee socks.

Plaza San Francisco

Locro de Papas: Potato soup with roasted corn, avocado and cheese. 

We then hopped into a taxi to head up the Panecillo (a hill of volcanic origin at the South end of the city) that is the home of the Virgen de Quito. The statue of the Virgin is stunning. It's giant and the Madonna herself is standing on the globe with wings, a crown of stars and a leash holding a snake/dragon. Way awesome. Get it girl.

When we hopped into a taxi to go back down, the driver tried to charge us $4 (the way up was $1.29). So I did my best and said "Muy caro!' which seemed to work as he rolled his eyes and asked for $3. Momma didn't raise no fool!

After walking back to our hostel, we ventured to Sports Planet to drink una cervesa and watch a few innings of the World Series. It's pretty surreal/hilarious to sit in a sports bar, in Ecuador, and watch the epitome of American sporting events.  We were the only people who cared, besides one mildly interested dude from New Mexico. 

Watching a few innings of the World Series was fun and all, but the match you should all be watching, joining fantasy leagues and betting on is the Gin-A-Thon: Ecuador! I really wish I had a flashy graphic. So, Travis and I have started a Gin tournament that will extend the length of our stay in this country.  We will then, presumably, start a Peru tournament.  

Current Standings: Travis 365. Maggie 524


  1. meeg! we had a Gin-a-thon-Guate! I know this one will last longer the post and that foods looks amazing. xo

  2. looks GREAT friends! that soup and coke look delish! xoxo

  3. That food looks insane, but I think my favorite is the Plaza San Francisco, xo


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