Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plenty Of Room At The Hotel Conleyfornia

Well hello there! We've been moving and shaking for the past week and have a bit of catching up to do.  

Having shuffled all around the country over the last month, our 5 days in Manhattan Beach were just what the doctor ordered.  We had time to sit down, catch up, run, bike and stretch it out with some yoga.  We reveled in light, fresh food and friendly faces. As usual, our stay at the Hotel Conleyfornia was about as 5 Star as you get.  Joanie and Larry always take good care of us and make us feel right at home.  These two have acted as my West Coast parents for ten years now, and I feel damn lucky.  

Manhattan Beach Pier 

If putting us up and feeding us wasn't enough, Joanie and Larry turned up the good times with a game night.  People, you really haven't lived until you've experienced a Conley Party.  Fun and lively, with veggie trays and margaritas that are perfection.  Once we were all full on chili, we busted out the board games. Oh, the board games. You may not know this, but I am a bit competitive obsessed when it comes to board games.  I love 'em. Cannot resist. And with Susie, Wendy, Dan, Brian, Joanie, Kim and the gang present the energy is high.  It was heaven.

Cheers! Love you KT!

Innkeepers at the Hotel Conleyfornia

Classic Conley spread

Joanie, Larry, and Wendy, we cannot thank you enough for constantly taking care of us.  Sue and Bri, it was awesome to have you there for the weekend too.  We love y'all. A lot. 

We were sad when it was time to hit the road but as we loaded up in the driveway, I looked around at all of these beautiful, smiling faces.  I can't imagine a better send off from California.

PS. See that sweet Porsche on the right? Trav got to put the petal to the metal in that bad boy. Thanks Lare! 

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