Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Study Buddies

First day of school

Yesterday we started Spanish classes at Yanapuma Spanish School.  It is an intensive, 2 on 1 lesson that is 4 hours everyday.  Even after two classes, we are certain that we are going to greatly benefit from school.  Paulo, our teacher, is a really nice guy but made it clear the first day that he's not really going to slow down for us.  People in Ecuador speak fast, so we better get on board, basically.  We met a  handful of other nice students (from Germany, Holland, and the Netherlands) and tonight we're taking a salsa class.

We've had homework both days and cram to try to keep up in class. We bought this little guaguas de pana loaf of bread shaped and decorated to look like a baby, to help us study. They start selling these bread babies a few weeks before Finados. Finados is a holiday celebrated November 2 when family members take their guaguas de pan and other treats to the graveyard to celebrate their deceased loved ones.

Study buddy

It's really fun to be a studnet again, even if for two weeks.  It's even more fun to be classmates with Trav, though we don't have time to goof off or pass love notes.

Coffee break at school, on the patio

And since you're dying to know:

GIN-A-THON: Ecuador
Current Standings: Travis 418.  Maggie 670


  1. And tomorrow is 'local FOOD day'! PUMA to you both.

  2. PASS LOVE NOTES! come on you two... Also, creepy baby bread.

  3. have fun study buddies - too cute you two! xoxo

  4. jamie's right. the baby bread is a creep. :)


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