Monday, October 31, 2011

Tales Of Our City

Courtesy of Meg at Poem Sweet Poem

Four years ago this week I moved to San Francisco. I remember the excitement, zest and newness I felt.  Arriving 4 days before Halloween, I remember  thinking...'Wow, people in this city are really into Halloween! They're already in costume.' Which was fine by me because, let's be honest, my love of costumes is undeniable. It was two weeks after Halloween that I realized that people weren't in costume at all. They were just lovin' life, livin' in San Francisco. Being who they wanted to be.

I would not trade this adventure in South America for the world, but damn, the City by the Bay is pulling at my heartstrings from 3829 miles away.  How have we been so lucky to live there these past few years? When we walked into The English Bookstore here in Quito I, like a moth to a flame, found Armistead Maupin's Tales Of The City. It took me all of three days to read it cover to cover. Tales was the perfect fix. It is a fun, flirty, daring love letter to our City.

Ah, the never ending possibilities of San Francisco.  My dear friend Meg writes the beautiful blog Poem, Sweet Poem and I've been savoring her adventures around town like this and this. As we play cards in Quito we have continuously (and unconsciously) selected the likes of Otis Redding and the Grateful Dead to listen to. Trav and I have both had our small connections to SF this week. Tomorrow starts the Rip Curl Pro, a huge international surf contest right at our beach. We sure hope the world's best surfers enjoy our 10-15 foot waves in 50-something degree water. I can't imagine a prettier back drop. 

A lot of people have asked us if we're going back to SF when our trip is over... truth is, we don't know. But what I do know is that I hella love San Francisco, and it's a epic home to daydream about. 

Today we celebrated Halloween by buying some baked treats and getting good and sugared up.  

Trick or treat


  1. Yes! Rip Curl Pro!! Had some epic conditions this morning. Supposed to get even better tomorrow. Hope you two get a chance to check it out online.

  2. Mags, I hella miss you. And thanks for the sweet shout out. You and Trav are very missed but this city isn't going anywhere!!! It will always be here, waiting for you, with open arms, xoxo


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