Friday, October 21, 2011

¿Tengo la sopa en mi barba?

Moving into our new home (room) at Otavalo Huasi II in Quito, Ecuador

Estamos aqui! We're here in Quito, Ecuador!!! We arrived late last night (Thursday) and quickly made our way through customs and into la Mariscal (Quito's "gringolandia"). We were greeted by our new friend, Ruben, one of the family members who runs Otavalo Huasi I and Otavalo Hausi II.  Without realizing, we were dropped at the wrong location and checked into Otavalo Huasi I though our reservation was at Huasi II. It was a long, sleepless night at Huasi I (right smack in the middle of "discotecalandia"). We worked it out after breakfast and are now happily settled into Huasi II, which is in a much quieter part of the city. The family who runs these two hostels could not be more friendly or beautiful people. Our 8' x 11' room feels cozy already. We are so lucky. 

Today was mostly spent orienting ourselves within Quito and fumbling over our Spanish words and phrases, but hey, we're out there doing it with smiles on our faces, right? Maggie is certainly more adept in the Spanish language, so she's carrying the majority of our conversations with others (what else is new?).  Seriously though, her Spanish skills got us through the day rather smoothly. 

We haven't taken many photos yet (it was raining most of the day), but hopefully we'll post some in the coming days. We're off to explore old town Quito tomorrow and couldn't be more excited. It is supposed to be amazing. Buenos noches, amigos. 


  1. that room is a coze-fest. so excited for more updates! xoxo

  2. I know the feeling of not knowing the language--Tash did ALL OF IT for me in Mexico--I just stood there with my hands in the air while she carried on conversations. Guess I should have taken Spanish instead of French....
    But I do know that beach = playa ( big surprise)

  3. So happy you made it there safely!!!


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