Friday, November 25, 2011

First Few Days In Peru

We waved goodbye to Ecuador and hopped a nine hour bus to Peru.  We've come up with a great system for long bus rides where we break time into 'innings'. Every hour is an inning and each half hour is the top or bottom.  A candy bar equals a 'ball' as it keeps you in the game a little longer.  We crossed into Peru in the bottom of the 6th. The border crossing went very smoothly, and around the 7th inning stretch, the scenery changed dramatically.  We went from giant, rolling, green hills and valleys to big, dry, flat, white desert.

The long, hot 8th.

Once in Peru, we found ourselves in Piura, a bustling and hot city with (as usual) lovely squares and parks. It's taken us a few days to adjust to the nuances of a new country.  In Ecuador, a set lunch is called an almuerzo whereas in Peru, it's a menu. Our first day in Peru, with one quick question, I found that I had ordered myself a plate of chicken and some soup.  Also, in Ecuador the hot commodity in a hostel is an included breakfast, but in Peru  it's a TV and a fan.  In time, we'll get it all figured out.  We enjoyed walking around Piura, and really enjoyed the ice cream spot at the end of our block.  We went both days.

Beat the heat

The next day, we were back on the bus again for a quick six innings.  We felt like we were in the lap of luxury as the bus had seriously cushy seats (think La-Z-boy). We really thought we'd struck gold when Twister started.  Most buses we've been on play movies, mostly pirated and usually dubbed, but always pretty bad.  After Twister ended, we realized we were in the midst of the weather disaster series when the Lifetime original movie Tornado started and then moved right into NYC:Tornado Terror.  Bad. Real bad.  Anyway, we arrived in Trujillo and settled in for the night.  The next day we explored a bit. More plazas, more people.  We decided to make a break for the coast. We packed up and hopped on a combi (mini bus) to the town of Huanchaco. The bus blasted Love Shack as we headed west and boy, did the whole shack shimmy! It was such a bumpy ride, we'd bounce about 14-18 inches of the bench.

Funky little shack.

Arriving in Huanchaco, we felt right at home and very grateful. It was Thanksgiving after all! The small town is stretched along the beach and there are nice waves and friendly faces. As we lugged our bags to our hostel, I caught a glimpse of a small blackboard: Thanksgiving feast. RSVP. Upon inquiring, I found Nick, an American that is volunteering at the hostel/soccer academy.  He was all smiles that we'd be joining them for dinner.  We were pretty excited too. I knew we were in for a treat when he said "Well, I'm a Texan so prepare to eat big".  When we arrived for dinner we found that Nick and I were not the only Texans in attendance.  Of the 8 people at the table, 5 of us were Texans! Three of them went to Texas State and live in San Marcos, a few miles down the road from my folk's lake house. Sergio, another volunteer lives in Austin. To top it off, the Cowboys game on TV (in Spanish, of course). Classic.  The meal was super delicous: turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet and mashed potatoes, with apple pie and pumpkin pie to follow.  It was a great evening. 

All the fixins.

Giving gracias.

It didn't take us long at all to get set up beachside. We're in a great hostel right on the beach and the town is just the right size, with the right mix of stuff to do and nothing to do. The sunsets are spectacular and the beach is lined with cabillito del tortora, handmade reed watercrafts that Peruvian fisherman have been using for 3000 years. Trav rented a board and wetsuit and paddled out twice today. We'll be here two more nights before heading north to the longest left hand point break in the world.  Surfs up, y'all. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

The pier

Caballito de totora

Who's the Boz?

Fan club

The girls in the last picture asked to take photos with us.  It's not the first time. Last week a guy stopped Travis to ask for a photo with Teen Wolf.


  1. LOVE that y'all created the baseball lingo to discuss the legs of your trip!! Also LOVE y'all got a tgiving feast in Peru with fellow texans!! Happy happy tgiving sweet friends - we are so very thankful for y'all in our lives!! Xox

  2. Glad that you guys are having an amazing trip and so STOKED that Trav got to surf. Catch some good lefts for me! Ash-


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