Sunday, November 20, 2011


When you're traveling with only 1 bag worth of stuff for 4 months, you need everything you've got.  Before we left, we evaluated everything, weighing pros and cons and trying to estimate every possible use or adaptation.  So last week when my headphones lost the rubbery bit at the end, they were rendered basically useless.  With a little craftiness, I rigged my headphones back to working order with an earplug and our Leatherman. As I looked down at my accomplishment, I thought I am absolutely my mother's child. This is totally something KL would come up with.  I also knew it'd make Jamie (who started calling me MagGyver in college) proud.

Jerry-rigged and back in action


  1. brilliant. you are absolutely a genius, magyver.

  2. this is insane(ly amazing). ms. crawford would put it on her french revolution mobile.


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