Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quito, You're Neato

This morning we hopped a bus South and left Quito behind.  We had a little goodbye moment with our 'family' at the hostal.  I think they were sad to see us go, though their sadness was hard to see through their excitement over the cookies and card we gave them. Nonetheless, there were hugs and pictures and gifts.

The fam: Me, Jazmin, Christina, Trav and Ruben. We weren't kidding about being tall

Jazmin, our favorite bud

We took two buses and a pickup to get to our new hostal, PapaGayo, between Machachi and El Chaupi.  The bus riding was pretty easy, though our second bus ride included a fight and a woman with a box full of baby chicks. The cuteness of the chicks combined with the cuteness the woman's 9 month old baby girl way outweighed the stress of the fight at the back of the bus.  We are now at the foothills of some very huge volcanoes and enjoying the view. We are safe and sound and getting ready for a big adventure tomorrow!

Busy busers

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, Happy Birthday Selinda! You are the best Mother-in-law a girl could ask for! Have a wonderful day! We sure wish we could share of piece of this with you. Love you!


  1. Awesome--the best birthday cake I've ever had!! Love you!!

  2. I love that you tagged "baby chicks" in this post and I hope that there will be more posts about baby chicks in the future. Happy birthday Mrs. Weller!


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