Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wave Goodbye to Yanapuma

Friday was our last day of Spanish school at Yanapuma.  As a Thank You, Trav water colored this excellent wave for our teacher, Paulo.  We had our last lesson and said goodbye to the little community we'd made.

Our teacher, Paulo. 

Current professors and students at Yanapuma

Then yesterday evening we went back to school for Friday night cocktails made by Venicio, who manages all the student activities. He made us Pisco Sours, a drink originating in Peru. It was a lot of lime juice, a lot of sugar, an egg white, and an unidentifiable liquor. It was delicious!  As we drank, we played Cuarenta (Forty), a Ecuadorian card game (that I still don't really understand) that is very popular here in Quito.

It was a really fun evening and a great way to say goodbye to Yanapuma. Muchas gracias Yanapuma!


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