Thursday, December 8, 2011

37 Hours In Lima

After (finally) leaving the beach, we hopped a bus to Lima.  With only 1 full day, we decided to live it up. We stayed in Miraflores, a nice and classy beach/cliff front neighborhood with an incredible chain of parks down the coast. We were sort of dreading the city after living the slow life at the beach, but Lima really delivered. 

Prime real estate

A lighthouse for Selinda

We particularly *loved* Parque De Amor... I mean, who can resist a park dedicated to love with a giant sculpture of two people making out? It was beautiful. 

Colorful mosaic surrounding the park

Get a room

In the afternoon, we strolled down the busy city streets, actually enjoying the hustle and bustle. We stopped for a delicious bite at a vegetarian spot, people-watched from park benches, and then meandered through the open air Indigenous market. I walked away with a pretty awesome sweater, while Trav only perused the Peruvian soccer jerseys and a cool sweater for himself.  Right around dusk, we slipped into a street side table at the Haiti Restaurant and Bar. This classic spot has a nostalgic charm and the waiters sport kelly green blazers and gold bow ties.  They are best known for their Pisco Sours and we happily partook.  A couple Pisco Sours later, we darted back to the market for some uninhibited shopping.  One soccer jersey, another sweater and a pair of earrings later we decided the night was still young. Back to Haiti we went, ordered another round of Pisco Sours and had a fabulous meal.


The ever charming Haiti

My new Lima duds

The next morning, the city was quiet and hazy as we got up early to catch our flight to Cuzco.  We wished for more time in the capital city but felt we'd done a bang up job with the 37 hours we had to enjoy it. We've now been in Cuzco for two nights and head to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu tomorrow. 

Have a great weekend, friends. Live it up wherever you are. There's lots of fun to be had in short amounts of time, after all!


  1. LOVE those cute earrings! and can't wait to hear of adventures in machu pichu! xoxo

  2. Thanks for the lighthouse photo--wish I were there to enjoy it with you!! So happy to chat last night--enjoy your next adventure.


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