Sunday, December 4, 2011

Don't Playa Hate

Well...we're still in Huanchaco. We had decided to leave yesterday (Saturday) but had a change of plans when our Aussie friends whom we traveled with in Ecuador randomly strolled into our hostel Friday afternoon. After some deliberation we extended our stay another two nights in this fantastic beachside town. Life hasn't changed much here in Huanchaco. With a near perfect left point spinning super long, glassy waves down the desert beach, I've logged quite a bit of water time. The waves have been head high or bigger since our arrival and I couldn't be happier. While I've been getting my art fix drawing lines on the waves, Mags has been putting our camera to use, snapping some beautiful, artsy photos on the beach. After our long, morning beach sessions we cruise over to the vegetarian restaurant, Otra Cosa, and enjoy the plate of the day (always a delicious surprise) for lunch. The family that owns/operates Otra Cosa are such nice people and they cook up some mouth-watering plates (we've eaten there for the last 10 days). The rest of the afternoon is usually reserved for reading, ice cream, and a surf check for an evening session before watching the sky light up as the sun dips below the horizon. Life is good here in Huanchaco.


La Playa Huanchaco


Winding Down the Day

Evening Colors

Today started like every other day but the afternoon led us (and our friends at Sudamerica Soccer Academy) out of Huanchaco and into Trujillo for the most important futbol (soccer) match of the year. The professional team from Trujillo found themselves playing for their careers, literally. If they lost, there would be no more professional soccer team in Trujillo. If they won, they live to see another year. Oh, and they were playing against the top ranked team in Peru. The game was thrilling to say the least and the team from Trujillo edged out a 1-0 victory. Professional soccer lives another year in Trujillo, awesome!

Pre Game


Tonight we will pack our bags, for we hop a long bus to Lima tomorrow. While our time here in Huanchaco has been a nice break from life on the road, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't buzzing with excitement to pack our bags and head south.


  1. I'm really excited to hear about Lima! I went to Kent with a girl from there and she had great stories! I really love all your great pictures Mags! Safe travels, love you both!!

  2. Let's just say, this is REALLY working for me!!!


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