Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dreamlike Days

We've stayed in a bunch of really amazing places, but as we approached Estancia 440 our jaws just about dropped.

Giant dream house

For one, it is amazingly cool/beautiful. Second, to us it looked just like our Front Porch house at the top of this very blog. If that wasn't enough, Christy (the owner) greeted us with delight as we were the first guests to check in! She had opened for business a few days prior and we were guests number 1 and 2. We felt like we were getting star treatment, but really just I think some of the nicest people on the planet work here. We basked in the glory of this house for 2 nights and then headed on to yet another incredible abode. 

Cloud swept Casa Ko

Casa Ko is surrounded by volcanoes, lush green fields and birds of all kinds. The owners have a flourishing garden which they cook delicious dinners from. They bake bread and provide abundant information for day hiking in the area. Out of their front door we took off on two great day hikes. The first day we found our way to a 'secret' beach and sat and watched clouds roll past the volcano. 

Front Porch Volcano Osorno

The second day we ventured into a native forest that had an almost prehistoric feel.  On our way back we rested in fields of flowers. 

Now we're off for a handful of unplugged days in the Cochomo Valley. For the first time on this South American adventure we'll be truly backcountry and we couldn't be more excited.  See y'all later!


  1. Mags in a field of flowers! I love it! xoxo

  2. MAGS! Love the images of you in the flowers - the yellow and purple totally pop! xoxo

  3. It's the front porch hooooouuse!!!!!

  4. this post is dreamlike! really love it. those flower fields! i want in!


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