Monday, January 16, 2012

Is It Just Me...

Or is Travis looking more and more like he belongs on the sleeve of a LP. I'm thinking late 60's rock and roll.

I know I've looked at him for 139 consecutive days since the start of this trip, but I'm convinced he's the essence of cool. I'd definitely see his band live and scream fanatically from the front row.


  1. Trav is the coooolest!
    And I love your hat!! I need to take a look at that when you get back.
    LUURVE you guys. xo wen

  2. middle one's my fave, a reggie watts smart-alecky comment written in on the top-right corner would cinch it...
    side note, y'all's photos are UNREAL. Incredible job, you guys certainly have an eye. making me jealous of your travels, and I'm living in flippin' maui!!!??


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