Monday, January 9, 2012

The Middle

The last handful of days have been spent romping around in the middle of Chile. We stayed at a hostel/resort of sorts that was more like summer camp than anything else. Archery. Ping Pong. Dinner bell at 7pm. Soccer. Go Karts, which much to our dismay were only for kids. Like actual kids.  Each evening Dad and I would take a swim in the pool and Patrick and Travis would play ping pong games of Forrest Gump proportions. 

Then, each day we'd load up and venture off the the Andes for hiking and exploring. 

When I say exploring I really mean wandering around, trying our darnedest to discern unclear written directions and park signs like this:

Can anyone tell me what those hieroglyphics on the left mean? A few times we'd stop and ask people for directions. We'd usually get some erratic hand gestures like this: 

Our last day of hiking we were met with perfect blue skies and condors overhead. Did you know that Andean Condors can have an up to 10 foot wingspan! For all the nerds that read this blog, learn more cool facts about them here.  It was a pretty awesome few days.


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