Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snooze Cruise

We took our first overnight bus a few days back and it was easy breezy. Somehow we've managed to get this far without having to take an overnight ride, but the 12 hour trip to Puerto Montt required it.  I credit some inventor/engineer genius who figured how how to make the seats downright amazing.

That's 180 degrees of comfort right there.  We woke up in the Lakes District to snow capped volcanoes, lush green fields and crisp, clean air. We disembarked in the quaint town of Puerto Varas where we've spent a few days walking around, drinking non-instant coffee and getting organized for the wilderness adventures to come. 

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  1. Could have used a seat like that last night on my red-eye! Classy! Did you both sleep? xoxo


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