Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Viña Del Mar And A Visit With Drew

Well hello there!! And Happy New Year! 

We've been on the go since Dad and Pat arrived. Shoot, we've already been to Argentina and back, but more on that later. The first few days of their trip we spent in Vina Del Mar, a city on the Pacific coast about 2 hours west of Santiago.  Our stop here met two ends: 1. It's a beautiful and happening place and 2. My dad's godson, Drew, has lived in the area for a few years and now has a beautiful family we were excited to meet.  Drew's parents, Andy and Carla, are old friend of my parents (old like Andy and my mom went to grade school together, old) and we hadn't seen Drew in a quite a few years. Trav, Pat, Dad and I stayed at a cute B&B with some nice, and mildly eccentric, owners and on our second day Drew picked us up and played tour guide.  He took us to funky Valparaiso with it's brightly colored buildings, amazing street art and incredible food.  Drew lived here for a few years and knew all the right spots. We visited overlooks up on the hill and then had what might be the most delicious lunch ever at the lively Cafe Vinilo. After lunch, we stopped by Drew's house to meet his lovely wife, Lysette, and their 5 week old little dude, Augustine. It was great to see Drew's life and family here in Chile. That evening, overlooking the ocean, we had a delectable wine and dine with Drew and Lysette in Vina Del Mar. It was a dang good day.

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