Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Front Porch Friends

For our first installment of Front Porch Friends, we have babies, beaches, and breaks.

Front Porch Daily Bath

Ruba dub dub, it's Penny in the tub! And mama Kate's got a Front Porch view of this cute (and clean) face. Kate, Ed and beautiful Penny live it up in Chicago.

Front Porch O Street

Blair, Jeff and baby girl Logan get cozy in D.C at Casa de Ainsworth.  Doesn't it look like Logan took the picture? Imagining her sweet, chubby hands taking this with an iPhone made me laugh out loud. 

Front Porch Pfeifer Beach

Mini-Mooning in Big Sur (and staying at one of our all time favorite spots, Treebones) Anna and Jerome (or McPants and J-Romance, if you will) kick their feet up, lovebirds style.

Front Porch Santa Barbara

And on another beach, not far south, Taryn and Zac (another set of newlywed lovebirds) kick up their heels and watch the afternoon sail away.

Front Porch Yerba Buena Gardens

Doesn't this make you want to take a deep breath, lay in the grass and feel the sun on your face? That's exactly what Hadley's doing on her lunch break in San Francisco at Yerba Buena Gardens. It's a little downtown outdoor haven if you ask me.

Front Porch SLO Town

High above San Luis Obispo, Hayley 'Sausage Toes' Nenadal take a breather while on a run. If there's anyone who loves to adventure run in awesome places, it's HayHay.

Thanks y'all for sending pics! I think I'll (try) to do a Front Porch Friends post at the end of every month, so keep the adventures going and the photos coming. Send 'em to 


  1. Ah! I just missed the cut-off! Anyway, these pics are amazingly Laid back and yes it looks like Logan took the picture. I had to convince myself that she actually didn't! haha, lovelove, meg.

  2. so cozy!! i want in on round two!


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