Thursday, February 23, 2012

There's Something In The Aires

The summer air in Buenos Aires is sweltering and thick with humidity.  The city was a shock to the system after spending so much time in Patagonia, but we quickly found that things like friends, ice cream and live music made the transition easier.  We had the lucky fortune of shacking up with my friend Steph and her sweet boyfriend Dani for our three night stay. Steph and I played lacrosse together in college and simply put, she is a gem among gems.  True to form, Steph provided nonstop laughs and days (and nights) filled with exploration, entertainment, and enjoyment.

Ice cream!

Bikes in the nature reserve

Digging for tango records

Trav and I found that being submerged in the culture of BA cast a spell on us both. The buzz in the summer air had us doing things we don't normally do. For the first time in his (almost) 30 years, Travis stayed up until 5 o'clock in the morning.  Even more shocking was that the early bird himself then slept until 2 pm the next day.  And after 10 years of vegetarianism, I went full tilt boogie in the presence of the famously delectable Argentine meats. Beef! Pork! Sausage! Steph ushered us to some of the most delicious eats in town. 

Livin' the nightlife

5am photo shoot

All in all, we found Buenos Aires to be an outstanding city.  It has beautiful places, a wealth of history, progressive culture, art, music and amazing food.  

In her three years in BA, Steph has made some incredible friends and we were happy spend time with them, now calling them amigos ourselves.  On our very last day in South America they hosted a classic Argentine asado for us and we sat out on the balcony enjoying meat, red wine and good company.  Steph, Dani and friends, MUCHOS GRACIAS for an amazing stay in Buenos Aires.  

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