Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eyes Wide

Our time in Patagonia can best be defined as sensory overload. Everyday has been an experience of awe and wonder.  Our eyes wide.  So it is only appropriate that on our last full day in Patagonia we ventured from the town of Calafate to the Perito Moreno Glacier.

The glacier feels nearly impossible to wrap your eyes/head around.  From the ferry boat perspective it has the immensity of a city block of towering white and blue buildings.   On the water, the frigid air whips around you, your nose running and your hands cold, while you stand and stare.

After the boat, we ventured into the trail system.  Nacional Parque Los Glaciares has built an impressive system of catwalks, winding around and giving you a chance to view the full panorama.   At times we simply sat for 30 or 40 minutes watching. Just staring. Ogeling. It's a giant, unmoving peice of ice, yet somehow it is completly captivating.  With the afternoon sun beaming down, you can hear the ice moving, cracking and crashing. Every so often, a large peice of ice crumbles into the creamy, mint-green water. People would gasp and cheer. And we joined right in.  It was thrilling. The hairs on your arms stand up in the chill and the creaking of the ice is the perfect soundtrack.  The whole environment feels charged, full of excitement. Anticipation. Wonder.

Catwalk system, blue sky, crisp air

From the catwalk perspective you see the magnitude of this bad boy. The glacier, which is fed by the Southern Patagonia Ice Field, is 97 square miles and 19 miles long.  At points the towering spires of ice are up to 240 feet high and the glacier is still growing.

Taking it in through glacier blue eyes


With all the walking around on the catwalk, I simply could not help myself (que music).

And I shake my little tush on the catwalk

Awwww snap!

What a ham... 

Sooo anyway.

Our trip to the glacier was the perfect culminating day for our Patagonian adventure.  It is hard to leave Patagonia behind, to leave a place that feels so wild.  This part of our trip has filled us with so much gratitude. Some days we felt badass. Some days we felt humble. We got stronger and more resourceful. There is a legend that if you eat calafate berries you will be certain to return to Patagonia, so here's hoping. Until then, we'll dream of these days and experiences, of this place toward the end of the world that is so fierce and lush and utterly spectacular.

We'll miss you Patagonia!

OH! Don't forget to get in on the Front Porch action. 

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  1. this really spoke to me. so beautiful. must be unreal. and the cat-walk, meeg, is amazing. xo


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