Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Your Turn

Front Porch Los Glaciares 

Well, our South American Adventure is winding down.  While we're excitedanxiouspumped for our upcoming adventure on the PCT, we're also looking forward to getting back to the US of A for some catching up with the people we love. Our friends, family and community are super important to us, which got me thinking... This blog thing has been really fun. It's been a great way to connect and keep people informed, but it's awfully one sided. We miss you too, after all!!

The idea of a 'front porch anywhere' is that everywhere is a viewpoint on the world. A place to sit down, kick your feet up and observe. So, we'd like you, our friends, family and community, to send us pictures of  your 'front porch' view. Your feet up and the world rolling by. Just like the one above (and also like here and here).  I think it'll be an awfully cool series to post. We've got folks in all kinds of places, doing all kinds of things and your adventures belong here too. So get creative if you want, snap a photo and email it to  Include a little description and the title Front Porch ________.  In the meantime, leave us comments, contribute feedback, send emails or get excited to catch us via phone after February 21 when we're Stateside.

And finally, in the vein of keeping things fresh here on the ole blogarino, we've done some updating: 1. We've upgraded our little site to a proper .com!  No more .blogspot needed.  It's cleaner and easier for us all.  2. We added a search bar over there on the right. That way you can look up old favs or specific stories 3. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see a place where you can email subscribe. Whenever we update, it'll arrive in your inbox. Easy peasy, if you're into it.

Thanks for adventuring with us! We're really lookin' forward to your pictures. 


  1. Wow! Awesome guys. I am already brainstorming a Front Porch Warm Walnut photo!

  2. Sausage toes is working on it here in San Luis Obispo!


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