Friday, March 9, 2012


Try not to drool people. 

Last night (after our first of two airport pick ups) we cruised into San Antonio to The Esquire Tavern for dinner and drinks with our friend Aleks.  Aleks is in Texas for work and we had the good fortune of a quick hang out.  We don't really know San Antonio so Travis came up with the Esquire after some internet searching... and boy, were we in luck.  We dug into good food and great conversation across from the longest wooden bar in Texas. Trav and Aleks each enjoyed an Old Fashioned. We all shared a basket of fried beets with a tarragon aoli (that I had to resist dipping my fingers directly into).  The burgers were melt in your mouth delicious.  After parting ways with Aleks, back to the airport we went to pick up Trav's parents.  I'm sure the weekend will bring some good eating, laughs and maybe some board game madness. It's going to be a good one.


  1. Great place..the beets were to die for.....

  2. I had drinks at the Esquire last month and loved it there and also wondered about the fried beets due to my love of beets! Sounds like I will need to return.

    Also, if you venture into SA again before you leave, you must go eat at The Montery It is one of the best meals I had this year and you MUST get the brussel sprouts!


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