Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flip Side

There is something incredibly satisfying about learning a secret. Or recognizing beauty in something that others disregard. Concurrent with the bright lights and thumping music, there is a part of Las Vegas that is so special. So serene. So enchanting.  And it feels like no one knows. 

In an all too brief visit with friends, I was privy to this side of the city.  A long hike in Red Rock Canyon doesn't just feel worlds away from the Strip, it feels like another planet all together. The air is clear and quiet. Natural colors are bright and shining.   

But the secret doesn't end there.  Layers are revealed one after the other, like songs on an incredible album you've never heard, by an artist you've always listened to.  While people crowd casinos and overrated locales just a few miles away, friends can sit, chat and indulge in Sangria and savory tapas at a friendly local eatery. 

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  1. Pretty princesses unite! Wish I could have been there. So glad you guys had so much fun.


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