Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello Hill Country

With about 8 weeks before we head to California to hike the trail, we've settled in at my parents' lake house in the Texas Hill Country. The Hill Country is a rugged and rolling region of central Texas that gives us access to Austin and San Antonio.  It also gives us a serene and invigorating backdrop for the next few weeks of organizing, exercising and maximizing enjoyment (see what I did there with the -izings?).  

In a happy twist of fate, Hayley was driving across country on her Big Move to the Big Easy. Her timing across Texas matched up perfectly with our arrival in the Hill Country. During her two night stay we cooked delicious dinners, played Blokus, and took a hike in Pedernalas State Park

Picnic lunch at the falls

The easy, peaceful limestone 'falls'

Wild South/West

4 Mile loop trail

Cloudy skies, bushy Texas landscape

It was an ideal first few days in the Hill Country. It's really nice to connect to Texas a little bit.  This two months will be the longest I've lived in my home state in 10 years, and it's nice to feel like I'm getting back to my roots. 

At the exact same time, it was really cool to connect with Hayley as she, a quintessential California Girl, leaves California. Good luck in NOLA, Hay Face. I'm sure that in typical Hayley style you will breeze in, barefoot and smiling, and set up an exciting and productive life. Go get 'em! 

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  1. Wahoooo Texas!! So glad y'all got to see hay hay! Xoxo


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