Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Rockin' Life

There are some days that seem like they were created just for sitting on a front porch.  The weather is crisp. The sky is bright. Birds sing and a light breeze prickles at your skin.

There are also some porches that make everyday seem perfect for sitting on a front porch. I think this porch fits into that category.

And as we sit here in the Hill Counry, rockin' over the lake, we've been thinking about all of y'all.  Remember before when we asked for your front porch view? Well, it's that time again. We miss you and we know you're up to good stuff out there. So sit back, kick 'em up, snap a little shot of your current adventure and join the crew. Send your pic to us at 

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  1. That porch is the best...thanks for the memories....


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