Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stellar Family Time

Time perfectly spent with family visiting includes:

Reading on rainy days.

Cooking amazing meals (including from-scratch cornbread in cast iron).

Cross-family football indoctrination.

A (month early) birthday surprise celebration for Trav. 

Complete with Justin Beiber cake-topper. 

Rock and roll serenades for a bulldog.

Father/son one on one b-ball.

A visit to the Boot Whisperer (we walked out empty handed but proved that these Pennsylvanians sure look good as Texans).

Texas barbecue at the famous Salt Lick on a beautiful day.

Remembering the Alamo.

And an evening stroll on the Riverwalk after Tex-Mex (and margaritas). 

We loved having Trav's parents in town. Y'all come back any time! 


  1. I can't get over how much Dad and Trav resemble one another when they have beards.

  2. You had me at rock n' roll serenades for the bulldog... BEEEBS!

  3. What a "Stellar Weller" time we had!! Thanks so much for everything..can't wait to come back. Love you!!

  4. Sold on the Bieber cake topper!


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