Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blog Bits And Updates

Still working on getting ducks in a row...
Just a quick and dirty update on some new stuff happening here on the old bloggarino...

1. We added a 'Pacific Crest Trail Information' page that consolidates important information and posts about our thru-hike. It's over there on the right, under 'This Is Us' (our very informative bio page).

2.  We have changed our settings for comments so you no longer need to sign in to post one.  Please do include your name so that we know you stopped by. Don't be shy! Comments make our day!

3. Because we do not know how regularly we will be posting while on the PCT, you can subscribe by email. There's a bar at the very bottom of this (and every) page.  You won't get spammed or anything, just an email with the blog post contained in the body. 

4. Once we start hiking, we will mostly be using our iPhone to update the blog, so formatting and photos won't be quite as sharp.  (It probably won't bother y'all as much as it bothers us.)

Alrighty! If you have any questions or comments on/for the blog you can always email us as well. Happy trails. 


  1. Best of luck and I can't wait to read about it. I told a co-worker about what y'all were doing and she was blown away!


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