Sunday, April 22, 2012

Care Package Mania

Hey there! We've decided to leave this up for reference for other Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers.  This system worked pretty well for us. We were pretty right on with our dates and dividing mail stops between packages and letters was a good choice for us.  Be sure to remind your loved ones to stick to these guidelines so you don't end up with stuff you have to carry or throw away. Happy hiking/mailing! If you'd like more info on our system/mailing fuel/etc, email us at frontporchanywhere (at) gmail dot com. 

We've been so blown away by friends and family interested in sending us packages and mail along the trail.  Thanks so much for being pumped about our adventure and being interested in participating in it! Shucks, y'all sure know how to make these two goofballs feel special.

Below is a spreadsheet of places we will be getting mail along the way. Columns highlighted in green are places to send care packages, non-highlighted places are for letters only.  Please keep in mind that we will be carrying everything and thus, anything you send may end up being hiked with. Letters and cards are fantastic! Food and treats are fantastic-er!  The fact that you thought of us and went to the trouble to put ANYTHING in the mail is fantastic-est!

You have 2 options...

A. Get in touch with Maggie's mom and send her your goodies to be included in the next mailing she ships. Email us for her contact information: frontporchanywhere(at) 

B. Read and heed the wacky/long-winded directions below. They're not as complicated as they look.

1. Email us and let us know where you are sending us something.  If we do not ask for mail specifically at the Post Office, we will not get it. 
2. Address all mail to our full (real) names
3. On all letters and boxes write: Hold For PCT Hiker, ETA: 00/00/12 (approx. arrival date) on the package/letter.
4. Write our last name on all sides of the box so the box is noticeable/recognizable. (If you want to decorate the box, go for it! and let us know in your email what to look for.) 
5. Double check (Google) that the zip code is correct.

TIPS: *USPS Priority Mail is best most places, but as noted below (scroll right), some places only accept UPS. *Don't send anything we have to sign for.  *Mail packages at least 10-14 days ahead. These dates are approximate and we will try to update them when we can. *Send small quantities.  We know you want to shower us in treats, but we just can't carry it all.

Suggestions for care packages: 
- Baked goods (!!!!!!!)
-Instant meals like Mountain House, Backpacker Pantry or similar.  These are delicious (but kinda pricey) meals that we don't end up buying ourselves.  Our big appetites mean that we need a 2 serving packet each. 
-Energy bars: There are dozens of types out there, get creative if you'd like. Go wild! Some of our new favorites include Kind Bars and Pro Bars. Flavors that differ from chocolate would be rad.  If you go with Clif Bars, please go with flavors other than: Chocolate Chip, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch (we have tons of these flavors already). 
-Dried fruit
-Salty trail mixes, Corn Nuts or mixed nuts
- Candy bars.  Favorites include: Whatchamacallit, Jelly Bellys, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Pay Day, Baby Ruth, Dark Chocolate, Kit Kat
-Dried veggies (or fruits) from this brand (or similar)

Again, THANK YOU so much. You people are the bomb. 


  1. I think in the karma-bank-in-the-sky of letters written, it's currently Maggie, 2000, Rachel, 35. So I have some writing to do! Can't wait .xoxox

  2. This is so exciting. Oh my gosh what an experience you too. I love that you are doing it together. That makes it that much better. Stay safe and give each other lots of hugs. love, Lindy


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