Friday, April 20, 2012

Ducks In A Row

It's been a busy week as we've gotten all of our ducks in a row.  Our PCT start date is in plain sight and we are feeling very ready to leave the logistics behind, set our minds free and let our feet feel the earth, mile after mile.  

Food, glorious food has consumed our thoughts and days as we've separated, bagged and weighed.  We have organized 12 food drops and already have one box in the mail.  

The sight of all of our boxes lined up is pretty dang rewarding.   It's wild to think we won't see some of these again until September. 

We put our shelter up to seam seal it. Then stretched out to rest a spell. 

And those, my friends, are our long distance permits.  Many people have asked us about hiking/camping permits, and the beauty of thru-hiking is that you just apply for one permit, and carry it with you the whole way.  It's our hall pass for 2,660 miles.  Getting these in the mail was a total thrill.  

Today we'll take to the sky and head West. For the next week in Southern California we plan to get a lot of sun, some beach time and eat as much fresh produce as possible.  


  1. Hi this is Sally Jacobs. I am commenting through my husband Scott Temple. I am trying to catch up with Travis. I am a grad school friend. I am giving you my website where you can contact me because I do not want to give my email out to the world. I would love to hear from Travis. My husband, I and my three year old will be in San Fran at the end of May.

  2. The time is finally here! Ahhhhh! xoxox


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