Sunday, April 1, 2012

Front Porch Friends

From coast to coast, and to the islands below, we're happy our friends are loving life with a view. 

Sweet Meg sure knows how to make the most of a California Spring.  From a cozy, introspective solo weekend in Point Reyes... a sunny, energetic reunion in Palm Springs, there are few people who revel in inspiration the way Meg does. She recently shared bits and pieces of poetry by Sapphro that embodied this pair of photos for me: You will remember / for we in our youth / did these things / yes many and beautiful things. 

Off the coast of Florida, and surely daydreaming about his baby girl, Jeff kicks back and waits for the fish to bite.  

And lastly... Alooooha.  One of the bravest ladies I know, Jen, packed up and moved from San Francisco to Haiku, Hawaii. Taking a huge life leap, she landed herself with a porch that is worth envying.  Can't you just smell the salty island air? 

Well, holy moly, it's April already. Whatever many and beautiful things you experience this month, live it up, and send us a snapshot if you have a minute. 

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  1. Aw Mags and Trav! Can't wait to put my feet up with you two!!! xo


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