Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shop Till You (Mail) Drop

Our resupply plan consists of mostly buying food in towns along the Trail, but for about 10 places we will pick up boxes (packed by us, shipped by my mama) with food and gear in them. Wheeling around Costco today was an adventure of it's own, staring at the backs of boxes, calculating calories per ounce.   

We have learned a lot about nutrition and hiking long trails after reading this article . Eating is one of the most important elements of every day on the PCT. We'll be snacking constantly, burning calories like crazy and trying to eat them back just as fast. We'll focus on a 50-35-15 diet: 50% carbohydrates, 35% fats, 15% proteins. At one point in Costco today, we overheard a lady say "I don't buy those anymore, they are too high in calories..." and with that Trav and I turned on our heels to head toward what she was talking about.

Doesn't that last photo look like a little kid dream box?!? 

(Sorry the photos are blurry... iPhones are imperfect robots)

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