Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 29: Dang, People Are Nice

We've experienced some amazing Trail Magic since we started. But when we showed up at the Saufley's house Thursday morning we realized that these amazing Trail Hosts have taken generosity to a whole new level.  They have turned their home/property into Hiker Heaven, a place where you show up, have your laundry done (while you wear awesome loaner clothes), take a shower, borrow a bike to go into town and do your shopping and, of course, sleep. The environment is a perfect community where people are happy to kick up their feet and rest a while. Donna and Jeff Saufley have been hosting hikers for SIXTEEN YEARS and their energy and commitment is hard to wrap your head around.  Read all about Hiker Heaven here.  Not only can they accommodate up to 50 hikers a night, but they also run, basically, the only post office in town AND shuttle people 45 minutes to Northridge to the closest REI. And then stop at In-N-Out on the way home.  You can watch this video to hear their incredible story. If you live in the LA area, or feel like participating in some PCT Trail Magic, come volunteer here. We're already planning our return in the future to help support the Saufleys and other hikers. 

Donna's giant smile wasn't the only thing that greeted us here. Aside from some exciting new gear, we were THRILLED to receive our first (non-prepacked/resupply) mail. Thanks Meredith and Blair for sending us some love!!



  1. I'm loving on that Tie-dyed shirt!

  2. consistently cute, miss maggie may. love that smile.

    p.s. this is the best: "As to who is welcome, it's quite simple: anyone with two or four legs hiking the PCT. We can accommodate and welcome dogs, horses, llamas, and goats."


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