Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 30: Fog By Day, Casa De Luna By Night

PCT Mile: 478.2

The 24 mile stretch between the Saufley's and the Anderson's is notorious for being miserably hot and shadeless. Once again, the hiking gods smiled upon us and it was a cold, cloudy, windy day. The 6 liters of water we carried (at 2.2 lbs each, by the way) didn't even get drunk. At the end of the day, we reached Casa De Luna, the home of Terry and Joe Anderson. As soon as you arrive Terry (who donated her hair to Locks Of Love at Kick Off and now sports a hot pink Mohawk) bear hugs you, points you to burgers on the grill, directs you to camping out back and then orders you to put on a Hawaiian shirt. Apparently this evening there will be chocolate syrup wrestling. Against Terry. In a baby pool.



  1. Chocolate syrup, mohawks, and baby pools? How do I get there?

  2. Love the blog as always but I love the Postholer updates too!!! Keep em coming :)


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