Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Days 2-5: Hot, Hot Heat

Hey y'all! Sorry the video didn't work, should be fixed now. Let us know if it's not.

The last few days have been fantastic. The joy of starting has carried over and we are happy to be movin'! The last 3 full days of hiking (Saturday was a Zero, meaning we didn't hike) have been a learning experience already. Learning about how our bodies react to back to back 20 mile days. Learning that some of our food choices were right on and others were a miss. Learning about heat. Hot. Dry. Desert heat. The slightest breeze is a morale booster. We have been getting up and moving between 6 and 6:30 each day and stop for a shady siesta for about 2 hours in the heat of the day. The biggest learning so far is that this long distance hiking thing is a helluvalot of fun. We laugh, sing, eat, stop, hydrate, talk, don't talk, walk some more. Beautiful.

The desert is beautiful and so far not totally what we expected. The first two days were full of rolling green hills, wildflowers and flowing streams. The ground was gravely and rocky. Today was the day we looked at each other and said 'Ok, so THIS is the desert'. There are various types of cactus, long sandy stretches and water comes in the form of caches (kind souls known as Trail Angels drop dozens or hundreds of gallons of water for hikers). So far we've seen horn toads, tons of lizards and birds and oh yes, a rattlesnake. Don't worry, we (and by we I mean Trav who HATES snakes) fared just fine. Last might we barely slept as the winds were beating the sides of our tent into our bodies. The winds were so fierce that some of our neighbor tents got blown over. Tonight we are hoping for a better night sleep, but the wind is already whipping around.

We should hit our first town, Warner Spring, on Thursday. Hopefully we can upload some pictures then!


  1. Sooo happy to hear that things are off to a GREAT start! WAhooooo friends! xoxox

  2. I CANNOT believe you now have a label for SNAKES!!! I hope this is the last one?! How did you do, Trav? I'm very proud of you both. Warner Spring is lucky to have you today. Miss you both, lots of love, Meggie.

  3. yahoo! first trail post! what's the back to back 20miler like?! holy shamoley! stay safe..watch out for snakes!


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