Sunday, May 20, 2012

Days 23 & 24: Wrightwood, Just Right

We woke up this morning still feeling tired so we decided to stay another night and get some more rest in. Plus, Wrightwood is a pretty ideal little spot to pass time; it's quaint and friendly and easy to walk around in. Last night we got into the small town spirit and attended the first ever Wrightwood little league game under the lights. Yankee Son, Just Retired, Fairway, Iceman, Auto Pilot and I rooted for the Cubs, ate hot dogs, bought raffle tickets and chitchatted with local folks. A definite highlight was in the bottom of the fourth when the sprinklers came on and the game got delayed. The school principal had to come over from home to turn them off.

Today we've run errands and relaxed at the Pines Motel. More hands of Spades got played and more delicious food was eaten. A pretty nice little Zero, I'd say.


  1. Sweet!!! Hey, did Trav cut his hair!?

  2. Love this entry Trav. Hope you ate some delicious hot dogs at that game...


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