Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Days 6-10: Magic, Magic Days

PCT Mile: 179.5

This week has been very challenging, very awe-inspiring, and made us earn our Idyllwild rest days. We've been able to add snippets/ details of our travel to Postholer (click the link, then click "next" and "previous" to read through the various entries). This week we've been overwhelmed with Trail Magic... people coming out to support, feed, and take care of hikers. Too much more and we'll be spoiled. 

Yikes! Passed this guy on the trail!

An empty water cache. 

Dr. Sole, Trail Angel, working on my blisters. He's been working on hikers' feet for five years and knows everything there is to know about blisters and feet.  A total pro... but in real life he's a truck driver. 

Our lovely campsite at the end of  very long day... hiked 28 miles. I was so tired that I didn't get out my bag while brushing my teeth and just swallowed my toothpaste...

The desert is more beautiful than we could ever have imagined. 

An unexpected surprise.... snow!

Approaching San Jaciento State Park.

Crossing more snow... and more to come....

We are both doing well. Travis has been having significant knee pain in his right knee (send Vicodin), and my feet have been so tight and stiff I feel like I'm walking on 2x4's. It felt like the first five days our bodies enjoyed the exercise, but by day six our bodies realized that we weren't stopping. The aching began but our motivation has stayed very strong. We've made great hiking buddies including: Just Retired, Jim, Wapmus Cat & Zen, Lush & Man Party, Russ, Wade, Iceman, iPod, Glitter Boy & his brother Andy, and Magellan & Laura. 

See you in Big Bear City!


  1. I am loving following along!!

  2. You guys are amazing! Body adjustments are par for the course, I would imagine. Hang in there, we are with you all the way!


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