Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just Call Me...


I finally got my trailname a few days back from our friend Wampus Cat. Before leaving Texas I packed some 'Thank You' cards to distribute along the way to Trail Angels. I had no idea that we'd encounter so much Trail Magic this week so I've been handing out 'Thank You's right and left. Upon seeing one of my cards, Wampus Cat started calling me Hallmark and it stuck.  In case you missed it, Trav is going by Yankee Son which he chose for special reasons before we left.

More pictures and stories to come...


  1. LOVE it! sooo fitting! xoxoxo

  2. Hallmark and Yankee Son...so perfect! You two are amazing! Talked to one of my students about you two...his goal is to do the PCT, I want you to meet him after you get home. Have another student who is looking to do his internship with Outward Bound in Costa Rica in the fall. Keeping you in my thoughts every day... mama joanie

  3. Love the name!! I get emotional reading all of your posts! It's such a special time for y'all :)

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