Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 1 In Photos

It's been an incredible week! We've been loving every minute and apprecite the love and support.  Enjoy some pictures from the trial. 

At the monument. Mile 0.

Trav got barreled on the PCT!

Send off breakfast (bacon, eggs, fruit) with the Conleys at Kick Off. 


Happy hikers. 

Our buddy Just Retired (who we trail-named!)

Horn Toad

6:15 start. Stunning sky. 

Trail humor. 

Snake cave

MILE 100!!

Front Porch Mile 100

AMAZING Trail Angels grilling up chili dogs, serving ice cold beer and great conversation!


Another neon hat

Eagle Rock -  Mile 106.

More Trail Angels, bringing lemonade and food to Eagle Rock to share. 


  1. these pics are AMAZING!! So glad things are off to great start! xoxox

  2. Yes for pictures! That eagle rock... killin me. So, dang, cool. All of it. I found myself singing under the stars last night (in a little mouse voice), "Somewhere, out there... beneath the pale moon light... out where dreams come trueeeee." Cheeseball! Yes! Can't wait to see more pics!

  3. 100 miles of glory! Can we get an inside-the-ultra-organized-tent pic?

  4. Thinking about you guys! Hope all is well and adventure filled!


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