Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 49: All Down Hill From Here

Forester Pass is the highest point on the PCT, standing at 13, 153 feet.  Once you get into the little notch of the pass, you are met with INCREDIBLE views of Kings Canyon National Park.

The pass from the approach (south)

Emerald pools and rolling granite await on the other side

The Usual Suspects: Fairway, Just Retired, Bronco, Yankee Son, our Japanese buddy Nino, Macho Taco, Hallmark and Auto Pilot

Me and Skippy PUMPED on Snickers. Satisfied. 

Ladies! Blueberry, Hallmark, Wampus Cat and The Bobcat

Thru hikers like to joke that because this is the highest point on the trail, it's all down hill from here. It's funny until a few hours later when you're huffing up to 11,000+ feet over Kearsarge Pass to get to town, knowing that there are a half dozen or so 11,000+ foot passes coming our way this next week.  But it was another victorious feeling on the heels of our big Whtiney climb. Did I mention how stunning the Sierras are?

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